Special Oils


To this division belong different families of products for numerous industrial applications. The products can be sold in bulk (truck tank, isotank, flexibag) or packed in 1 liter bottles, pail of 5 lt, 20 lt and 60 lt, 220 lt steel drums and 1000 lt IBC.
In addition to this product range list, thanks to the contribution of Technical Departments of Quality Control and Research & Development, Customers may request tailor-made products both in packaging and specifications, able to meet every possible need, always supported in the steps of identification of their ideal product, by the Commercial Department of Customer Service.

BFR Pharmaceutical grade White Oils
Used for cosmetic applications (sunscreen, hair products, etc.), pharmaceutical industry (ointments, creams, laxatives), in the food industry, industry for the production of polymers, etc.

BTR Technical grade White Oils
Used for the manufacture of rubber and plastics, cosmetics, personal care products, textile and pharmaceutical industry, metalworking, etc.

TRW Transformer Oils
Paraffinic (OTP) and naphthenic (TRW) oils, used in transformers, capacitors, switches, and switches of electrical power machinery, etc.

OCF Refrigeration Compressor Oils
Used for large industrial refrigerators and rotary compressors for refrigeration, industrial applications such as the freezing of food, cold storage plants, chillers for refrigerated vessels.

PRO Process Oils Used in the production of rubber, polymers, etc.

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