Ramoil Trading Products

Ramoil Trading S.r.L sells Road Bitumens and Modified bitumen.
The bitumen produced is used in the paving of streets, highways, platforms and airport runways, etc. and in many applications where excellent binders, and waterproofing insulating properties are required. It is used in the preparation of bituminous emulsions as tack coat or surface treatments. It forms the basis for the bituminous products formulation such as oxidized bitumen, pastes and varnishes and casings.
The company produces and sells modified bitumen, a product that has a number of benefits including the reduction of road thickness and viscosity at service temperature, an improvement for the mixtures in the resistance to abrasion, oxidation and aging and in addition to all this a definite increase in stability and cohesion. The modified bitumen production facility has a production capacity of about 100 tons of modified bitumen per day.
Our Bitumen are provided with CE UNI EN PROTECTED: 2010 Marking

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