Production efficiency, process and formulation flexibility, quality control directly on production lines, well-structured and active logistics network, allow to get for products of RA.M.OIL S.p.A. the best quality / price ratio. In addition to regularly available items present in the product list, the Customer may request customized products, in terms of technical and quality characteristics and / or packaging, able to respond to each and every specific requirement.

Despite having achieved high standards, RA.M.OIL S.p.A. pursues objectives of improvement in all activities, of which below you can find a short description:

  • Regeneration of Waste Oils: a distillation of Waste Oils and chemical refining of distillates  plants  allow to obtain Regenerated Base Oils with physical-chemical and technological characteristics similar to those of New Base Oils produced from crude oil. From an ecological point of view the regeneration makes a strongly positive contribution because in addition to allowing the recovery of a hazardous waste, the used oil, reduces significantly the production of lubricants from primary refining.

Italy is the leading country in Europe in the recovery and regeneration of waste oils collected, thanks to the work and coordination of the Consorzio Obbligatorio Oli Usati (;

  • Production of Special Oils ( Pharmaceutical, Technical, Process, Transformer  and Refrigeration Compressor Oils): with a refining and distillation plant of Base Oils coming by the Refineries of all over the world, we are able to obtain high-quality products for the physical-chemical and microbiological specifications;
  • Production of Lubricating Oils: through mixing plants of specific bases for each application and best quality additives, ensure the highest performances of oils produced for automotive and industry;
  • Production of Petroleum Jellies and Waxes:  through refining plants of raw materials (petrolatum, paraffin wax, oils) and mixing plants with additives at temperatures and pressures appropriately controlled, in order to obtain products for many industrial applications;
  • Third parties service, is a service of production, filling, mixing and storage of lubricating oils and other petroleum products, in bulk and/or packed through plants and equipment highly flexible in terms of capacity and / or type of packaging. Customers, in addition to requiring custom-made products, can take advantage of special services, engineering and technological solutions offered by the establishment, such as the modern distillation plant able to fractionate any type of product.