RA.M.OIL SpA, Raffineria Meridionale Oli Lubrificanti, established in Tavernanova Casalnuovo (Na), was founded in 1963 building a waste oils Regeneration plant.

Over the years, following his own idea of development, RA.M.OIL SpA has consolidated its position in the field of regeneration, and has diversified its activities, developing new production facilities and increasing the number of products and services offered. In particular, in 1974, it was built a plant for the production of Special Oils range that, up to now, represents the Company’s core business and has allowed RA.M.OIL S.p.A. to become, soon, one of the most important and recognized players in this business, in Italy and abroad.

1980 and 1986 years saw the realization of plants respectively for Blending and Packaging of Lubricants Oils and for Refining and Blending of Petrolatum and Slack wax.

During 1990s, then, thanks to the strong market presence and knowledge, it has been undertaken the task of marketing of Bitumen, Fuel Oils and Diesel Oils; since 2013 this activity was incorporated into Ramoil Trading Srl works.

In 2005, RA.M.OIL SpA, following its customers demands from cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets, built a Petroleum Jellies plant, becoming able to produce a wide range of finished products.