Emas Certification

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme



RA.M.OIL SpA, Raffineria Meridionale Oli Lubrificanti, established in Tavernanova Casalnuovo (Na), was founded in 1963 building a waste oils Regeneration plant.



Production efficiency, process and formulation flexibility, quality control directly on production lines, well-structured and active logistics network, allow to get for products of RA.M.OIL S.p.A. the best quality / price ratio.



Customers can ask for customized products, choosing technical features and packaging, for every need.



Base Oils

Divided in two categories, New Base Oils (group I, II and III) and Regenerated Base Oils (LBR range)

Special Oils

The products can be sold in bulk (truck tank, isotank, flexibag) or packed, can be classified into BFR, BTR, TRW, OCF, PRO but also customizable

Lubricant Oils

Automotive lubricants range, is produced with high quality raw materials combined with the use of modern blending technologies and rigorous quality controls.


Waxes, produced and marketed in the range WR, can be classified in fully refined paraffin waxes, semi-refined paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, petrolatum, slack waxes, synthetic waxes, special blends.

Petroleum jellies

The petroleum jellies produced and marketed in the range PET-RAM, long fibered or in paste are conform to the requirements of the International Pharmacopoeias






Safety and Health of the people, by adopting the Management System for Health and Safety
of workers in compliance with ISO 45001:2018 and undertaking training activities and periodic monitoring, in order to raise awareness and empower staff