Diesel Oils


Ramoil Trading Products

Ramoil Trading S.r.L sales activities in the field of Fuel Oil are focused on:

  • Diesel Oil for Automotive: this is the fuel that is experiencing great benefit mainly from the technological development of internal combustion and compression-ignition engines, diesel cycle. Light color, slightly amber, during last period it has progressively reduced its sulfur content up to the actual 10 ppm. Used in modern engines, it is one of the fuels with the lowest environmental impact;
  • Diesel Oil for Heating: it is used as fuel in heating systems. Its main feature is the high calorific value. It can be distinguished from other fuel oils for its red color and for some unique aspects, such as the highest sulfur content and its high-boiling behavior;
  • Diesel Oil for Agricultural uses: it is the fuel for agricultural vehicles used for activities related to agriculture. It is defined as subsidized fuel for agriculture because it is subject to a rate of taxation different than other petroleum products; receiving this tax benefit it is produced in green color to be clearly distinguished from the other fuel according to DM 14/12/2001 n. 454.